Careers in Physics

A Jacobs University BSc in Physics provides a solid and at the same time flexible foundation for careers in diverse fields, from basic research over engineering, to finance and management. The scientific knowledge, the problem solving and social skills, and the international network acquired during the studies of physics at Jacobs University guarantee success in our increasingly technology-driven society, as demonstrated by our many very successful graduates.

The physics curriculum at Jacobs University is designed to ensure that graduates will be well prepared for postgraduate programs in physics and related fields at world-wide leading universities. The physics program exceeds recommendations of the German Physical Society and all topics required for the GRE physics test are included.

Graduate Programs with Physics Faculty involved

Jacobs University offers a number of graduate programs leading to MSc and PhD degrees. According to Jacobs University’s focus on interdisciplinarity, they involve strong interaction between different research fields.

Physics@Jacobs University participates in some graduate programs:

External Physics Web Pages with Further General Information