Faculty & Research


fritz-100x100Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fritz
Professor of Biophysics
Research areas:
Single molecule biophysics, atomic force microscopy & force spectroscopy, nanomechanical sensors


kettemann-100x118Prof. Dr. Stefan Kettemann
Professor for Complex Systems (Adjunct Professor at POSTECH)
Research areas:
Spintronics, Magnetism, Quantum transport, Quantum Phase transitions


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kleinekathöfer
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Research areas:
Computational Physics and Biophysics, Light-harvesting systems,
Transport through nanopores, Efflux pumps, Nonlinear spectroscopy



materny-100x118Prof. Dr. Arnulf Materny
Professor of Chemical Physics
Research areas:
Laser spectroscopy on nano-structured systems in the frequency and time domain


hmoas-100x103Prof. Dr. Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Research areas:
Statistical physics out-of-equilibrium, non-linear dynamics, dynamic processes on complex networks, stochastic transport, evolutionary dynamics, phase transitions and critical phenomena in physics and beyond


schupp_small_106x90Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp
Professor of Physics
Research areas:
Mathematical / Theoretical Physics


wagner-100x118Prof. Dr. Veit Wagner
Professor of Physics
Research areas:
Nanoelectronics, single molecule transistors, functionalized organic materials and plastic electronics


In addition to the individual research of the Physics Faculty Members listed below, research is also being performed in a collaborative and often interdisciplinary way, for example, as part of

Recent B.Sc. Thesis

Computational aspects of the research are supported by the Computational Laboratory for Analysis, Modeling, and Visualization (CLAMV).