Physics Colloquium

Wednesdays, 17:15 hours, Research III, Lecture Hall

16.11.2016JOHANN KROHA (Universtät Bonn)
“Particle Creation in Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates and in the Early Universe”
(Host: Prof. Kettemann)

02.11.2016GEORGES BOUZERAR (Institut Lumière CNRS & Université Lyon)
“Thermoelectricity of the Perovskite SrTiO3”
(Host: Prof. Kettemann)

11.05.2016REINHARD RICHTER (Universität Bayreuth)
The Surprising Nonlinear Dynamics of Magnetic Honey
(Host: Prof. Kettemann)

09.12.2015KI-SEOK KIM (Postech, Korea)
“Topological Phases of Rare Earth Materials”
(Host: Prof. Kettemann)

03.12.2015 DENNIS SALAHUB (University of Calgary, Canada)
Attention: Different Day & Time! Beginning: 13:00 h
“Multiscale modeling of in-situ oil sands upgrading with molybdenum carbide nanoparticles”
(Host: Prof. Kleinekathöfer)

10.11.2015 – Molife-Seminar / Physics Colloquium
GERHARD HUMMER (Director MPI Biophysics, Frankfurt)
“Molecular Simulation of Protein Dynamics and Function”
(Host: Prof. Kleinekathöfer)

01.10.2015MICHAEL SCHREIBER (Universität Chemnitz)
“Investigations of the Anderson Transition – The Dignity and the Beauty of Numerical Simulations”
(Host: Prof. Kleinekathöfer)

16.09.2015DAVID KLEINHANS, (Next Energy Oldenburg),
“Challenges in Complex Renewable Energy Systems”
(Host: Prof. Stefan Kettemann)

Spring 2015 – no Physics Colloquia have taken place

Fall 2014 – no Physics Colloquia have taken place

19.03.2014KEITH SLEVIN, (Osaka University)
“A simulation of the metal-insulator transition in doped semiconductors incorporating Coulomb interactions between electrons”
(Host: Prof. Stefan Kettemann)

26.03.2014CECILE MONTHUS, (Saclay, France)
“Renormalization for disordered quantum systems”
(Host: Prof. Stefan Kettemann)

09.04.2014SVEN JAKOBTORWEIHEN, (Hamburg University of Technology)
“Molecular Simulation Methods to Understand the Partition Behavior in Biomembranes”
(Host: Prof. Ulrich Kleinekathöfer/ Prof. Detlef Gabel)

14.05.2014 Bachelor theses presentations